American Bulldog Puppies. Sugar in November, 2002. American Bulldog Puppies. Julie at about eight months.

American Bulldog Puppies


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Julie is almost eight months old here. She's the only remaining puppy in her litter who has not moved out of the neighborhood. She's staying down the street now and still gets together with her mom when there's never a dull moment. These are very energetic bulldogs (when they're not loafing) as you can see from these photos and movie clips.

American Bulldog Puppies. Sugar and Julie.      


American Bulldog Puppies. Tiny comes to see Sugar and Julie.

Julie's brother, named Tiny now, came for a visit today. He didn't want to get out of the car at first when he saw these two jumping around in the yard to greet him. But things were back to ususal before long and he didn't want to leave when the time came.

American Bulldog Puppies. Tiny comes to see Sugar and Julie.

Keep checking back as further reunions of the seven pups are planned.

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